Clients with severe psychiatric disability comprise adults who:


  • Have been diagnosed by a mental health practitioner as having severe psychiatric disorder in terms of accepted diagnostic criteria; and
  • As a result of their disorder, show significant disability to sustain, as indicated  by marked deterioration in functioning in areas such as self-care, communication, appropriate expression of feelings, ability to sustain relationships, work performance and ability to participate in leisure activities, to the extent that the patient is not able to function independently.
  • All referred clients must be on prescribed medication for the sustaining of their mental disability and the necessary documentation according to the Mental Health Act.
  • All clients that are admitted to Tabita Versorgingsoord must be stable and able to to care for themselves i.e. bath, eat, dress and move without assistance. No client requiring frail care will be admitted.
  • All clients must be in possession of a valid RSA ID document.
  • All clients must be able to participate in the centre’s rehabilitation programme.
  • The centre is registered as an adult centre and fro this reason the client must be older than 18 years.
  • Assessed by admissions team.